Q: How Do I Trace A Light Cover?

                                                                         A: If You Have A Wrap Around Follow The Instructions Below.
                                                                              If You Have Any Difficulties Please Call. We Know These Lenses Are Difficult To Trace.

                                                     Send Your Requirements. Expect A Quation Within One Bussiness Day.
1)Stand Diffuser On End                                  2) Measure The Overall Length                       3) Measure From Lens: Height,            4) Submit Your Requirements Including:
Trace Inside & Out                                                                                                                     Width,Lips, Down Hooks, Holes, Etc.   Color, Quantity And Contact Information
Q: Do You Have These Lenses On Your Shelf?

A: Most Likely. We Stock Standard Shapes And Sizes. Less Popular Lenses Are Made To Order.  We Work From Your Specifications And Guarantee Custom Fabricated Lenses To Fit.

Q: Can I Purchase Your Lenses Online?

A: Yes. Please Visit Lightfixturelens.com To Do So.

Q: How Do I Place An Order?

A: You Must First Submit Your Requirements To Us Via Phone, Email, Fax, US Mail or Shipping An Old Lens. You Receive Pricing (Within One Business Day From Request) With Order Instructions And Your Payment Terms.
  • Phone: 1-866-720-2980 or 1-734-424-2980
  • Fax: 1-734-424-9790
  • Email: request@mclightingsupply.com
  • Mailing: PO Box 445 Dexter, MI 48130
  • Physical: 8505 North Main Street Whitmore Lake, MI 48189
  • You May Also Request A Pick-Up Or Bring In Your Lens To 8505 North Main Street Whitmore Lake, MI 48189.

Q: What Forms Of Payment Do You Accept?

A: Visa, MasterCard, PayPal,  Prepay By Check, Net 30 or Purchase Order (Upon Approval).

Q: Is There A Minimum Order?

A: It Varies For Each Item. If There Is A Minimum You Will Be Notified Prior To Order Acceptance.

Q: Do You Offer Any Discounts?

A: Yes. Quantity Discounts Vary For Each Item.

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